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Why Consider Professional Learning?

Shift, shift, shift again… this has become the reality of educators over the last two years.

You are tired of flexing and certainly don’t need one additional thing added to your plate. So why consider professional learning?

Let me suggest two compelling reasons

  • For starters, stepping back from the grind of teaching and out of the daily routine of your day allows you the opportunity to reflect on your practice. This can be both professionally energizing and allows for better planning around those things that are particularly impactful for your students.

  • Secondly, connecting with other educators, if nothing else, is at least reassuring that you are not in this on your own, while also providing an opportunity to hear how others are navigating the demands in new and innovative ways.

The mRLC is trying to bring you learning in ways that are manageable and relevant whether this is asynchronous or synchronous. No matter the case, don’t make this an individual endeavour. If asynchronous, invite a colleague to join you and take the time to talk about your practice and set a small goal for change. When synchronous, look forward to learning from and with your colleagues.

You deserve to be ENERGIZED!


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