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Backward Design Unit Samples

These draft documents are intended to support teachers in planning, teaching, assessing, and reporting on their programs. Teams of rural teachers developed the backward planning samples you see here. They used the mRLC Essential Learning documents, Backward Planning templates, the Manitoba Curricula, and other related resources. In doing so, the teachers summarized and planned around important ideas and core processes that are central to the disciplines and have lasting value beyond the classroom.

Essential Learning

It is the intention of this essential learning work to bring clarity and uniformity to what is meant by ‘essential learning’ and in doing so attempt to highlight the knowledge, values and skills students “must have” in specific curriculum in order to participate fully in society. Essential learning is not learning that students engage in once and then move on, but rather that which students explore, revisit and deepen as they move through school. 

Ilustrated End of Year Expectations

IEYEs In Reading and Writing: The Illustrated End of Year Expectations (IEYE) documents provide teachers with a professional tool that describes the reading and writing behaviours of students who are meeting end of year outcomes and achieving Level 4 on the Manitoba provincial report card academic scale.

IEYEs In Math: These Knowledge Domain documents are intended to support teachers in planning, assessing, and reporting on students’ mathematics progress. These domain-focused documents have been developed using the most current and relevant research related to methodology and pedagogy, the Manitoba Curriculum, and other related resources. They complement the mRLC Essential Learning and Backward Planning Templates.

Learning Maps

A group of fourteen dedicated Manitoba educators have developed these Learning Maps for your use. We post them with their permission. The intent for the learning documents is outlined below, as written in their support document. You can also find the list of contributors there.

These documents were developed by a group of Math Curriculum Coordinators/Consultants and are intended for use by subject specialists in conversation with teachers. They were created in response to a need for insight and support in area of mathematics lesson planning. Our guiding principle was..."If I only had a half hour to discuss planning for learning with a new teacher, what would be helpful?" These documents are not the curriculum, but serve as a companion document to support conversations about the curriculum in the areas of big ideas, connecting outcomes to previous learning as well as teaching through Problem Solving and Mental Math.

Action Learning Schools

Action Learning Schools are focused on the good work of improving teaching and learning. The intention of this work is to provide practical hands-on support to schools (through a critical friend) to develop the school’s capacity to effectively collect and use evidence and, in turn, take actions that improve student achievement in literacy and numeracy.

Learning During the Pandemic

The pandemic has asked us to reshape the way we think about classroom instruction. Some of the approaches will remain in our "toolkit" long after the crisis is over and others will happily be forgotten. The resources on this site are designed to support rural teachers in ways that are both effective and impactful, whenever we find ourselves needing to provide distant learning opportunities for our students.

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